Project ERJ web address


Could someone please give me the web address for the Project ERJ website?

Thank You,


Nick has already closed the site a time ago as he moved on to other projects. But you can find the planes from Avsim.

Oh, thanks for the info. I lost all of my favorite web site addresses because my computer crashed but since it has been repaired I have been trying to find them all over again. However I was on that site just a few weeks ago. Did Nick close it just a few weeks ago?

I closed the Project ERJ site quite some time ago, almost a year now (end of March, if I remember it correctly). When the URL expired in April, another "group" purchased it and, without my consent, pasted the entire Project ERJ site, web pages, planes, and all. That site is still up, and I continue to neither make claims for it, nor will I support any plane where someone mentions that they downloaded it from that site. You can get all the planes from the Avsim file library, and who knows, if enough people bug me, I just might be convinced to start tinkering with the models again, as I haven't been much impressed with the ones that have come out since.

I understand. Thanks for the info. I 'll start looking for your superb erj's in AVSIM then.


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