Erj 145 Panel


Hi all,

this may be a silly question but i am new to fs2004 so please bare with me.  I recently dowloaded the erj 145 ( Elgan Thomas' from fsnordic ) and trying to use Bills panel but somehow still can't figure out what i need to do after reading the instructions.  Are there any kind, patient people out there willing to help?? .......will actually start flying an ERJ soon so any prior practice on fs would really help.  




You haven't given us much to work on.  You need to be more specific, like ....

1. Which version of the panel have you installed?

2. Have you read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) topic at the top of this forum and done what it suggests, like putting modules in their proper locations?

3. Do you have fsuipc.dll and FSSound.dll modules in the "Modules" directory and changed your FS9.cfg files to allow old modules?

4. What error messages are you seeing?

I think you need to fill in the rest.



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