Hyperlobbysta uusi versio 3.8.80

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Jee.. taas uusi versio Hyperiin, 3.8.101.

Hyperi näyttäisi olevan jumissa pahemman kerran. Jos tekee mieli huidella taivahalla niin tulkaa radioon, vetästään vaikka kuuppia tai jotain harjoittelumielessä.

Heräs henkiin taas...

Ja hyperin pätkimiseen oli syynä pari puskaryssää jotka olivat löytäneet keinon kaataa hyperin servu:

"Hello all

Last two days i have fighted with a HL server bug that allow users to force server crash. The problem was caused than some national languages was abble use reserved characters to break HL server internals. I made a fix that dissalow use of ANY national characters outside of ASCII.

HL was originally not supported national hieroglyphs (azbuka, acutes and carons). I enable use it without aditional checking few years ago and this was the problem ...

Using unicode cracater encoding will double bandwitch of the HL server whish is unacceptable at this time, so i will not start work at this feature (i have no cent from countries using hieroglyphs). I living in coutry that using national characters, but it is not used at all in electronics communication (I working/playing with computers about 20 years, and never need it )

The problem was discovered and used for crashing the HL server by few russian hackers, whish will be credited by banning for ever.

Thats all It was really silly problem....



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