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 Hi, can one of you sky kings and i know there's a bunch here that really know their stuff on this bird steer me in right direction . How do you use FLC properly ? ok you're ready to take off let's say to FL300 after clean up you want to use flight change -what's the step by step way to use it cause i know for me i'm not doing it right - and i really hope every one who uses this bird really appreciates what Bill and who ever else has built here cause this is one heck of a free ware package ---Louis


Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the panel and plane. :-*

You might try the flight tutorial if you haven't already which will help.

Before takeoff make sure you have your target altitude entered in the ALT window on the flight control panel.  Once you've retracted the gear and stabilized climb, you can engage the autopilot and then push the FLC button. Make sure you've set the throttles to the climb setting for N1, and the autopilot should take care of the rest of the climb,  adjusting pitch to maintain the preprogrammed climb speeds.

If you should need to change the target altitude during the climb, for this panel you will have to change the value in the ALT window, then re-push the FLC button.  In the real aircraft you don't have to push the FLC button again.


  Haaaaa!  key words are right here "adjusting pitch to maintain the preprogrammed climb speeds." so with that it looks like i   wasn't far wrong cause  that's the way i was flying it but didn't think it was  the right  way for some reason ---Thanks a bunch --Louis


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