I'm missing something


Hi Bill,

I am running FS2004. I have the Project ERJ ERJ-135/140/145/145XR/Legacy for FS2004 by Nick Botamer
with your panel updated through 4.02.

I have resolved the sound file issue and made sure the panel reference is correct in the aircraft .cfg file.

FS loads fine and I can select the Eagle Embraer. However the panel comes up overlapping itself. I figured this out by right clicking in the field and progressively closing window after window. It's as if all the layers are laying on top of each other. The buttons and such seem to work fine but I can't see outside. Each layer is also a full screen. For example the yoke and PFD/MFD window completely obscures everyhting else, etc.

Any ideas? Thx in advance.

Your fellow Beagle pilot,

W. Ross


I wish knew a quick answer for this, but I don't. Try loading the airplane and panel as a fresh flight right after starting up FS9. Also make sure you aren't loading from a saved flight. Have you changed anything in the panel.cfg file?

I also suggest you do not manage windows using the Shift- command. It confuses the panel. Use the mouse click zones.


OK, I figured it out. Just for curiosity sake I ran a search to see if there were any extra panels and such lying around on my computer. Let's just say there was more than one in various backup folders and such. Once they were all trashed the panel worked great.

Thanks again for the great panel and a quick response.

Bill Ross


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