I'm missing a couple of things aswell!



I have loaded the FS9 version of the panel but I am having a couple of issues with it.

1. I can't get the white Nav2 needle to show in the EHSI or MFD. I have the correct Nav2 frequency set and the needle selector set to the correct mode but no white needle in the display. I am in range of the VOR.

I have also pressed the DME button under the RMU but no joy.

2. When flying the intro flight. I have some issues with the AP. The first is that sometimes, although the AP appears to capture the VOR radial setting, the White VOR annunciator doesn't go green and the Green Nav Mode stays active. If I manually select Nav to off the VOR annunciator goes green.

The AP captures the selected alltitude (FL220) but after a while loses control of the aircraft which pitches up and starts to climb. The flight director is calling for a correction but the AP doesn't do it.

My appologies if all this is in the docs but I have read them several timees........I promise!:-)


Ben G


Hmm... if you've set the NAV2 switch for the second needle and the VOR is receiving, it should show. Make sure you have a VOR tuned that you know you can receive (some VOR's don't work in FS). Cross check it with VOR1.

For item #2, you have to two things to capture and hold the VOR. The autpilot NAV button has to be lighted and the NAV button on the display control panel has to be pushed (as opposed to the FMS button next to it).

As for item 3, I don't know what is happening here except to suggest that possibly the airspeed fell to low for the autopilot to hold. Remember there is no autothrottle and you have to control your own airspeed.


Thanks Bill

I am still struggling with the Nav2 issue. I have followed the manual (I think) but no success. I have just registered FSUIPC to see if that makes a difference. I understood from the Docs that it shouldn't, but who knows.

#2. I am still having intermittent problems with this one. I have followed the instructions in the docs and your reply and it has worked once and failed once. I think it may work first time but the second flight it fails but i need to do more testing. Incidentally the APR mode capure worked fine.

#3. That's working now. I am still a bit mystified but I think I have solved it by not adjusting the throttle until the aircraft has stabilised on the new altitude setting. I am also going the update the flight model to the latest version. Perhaps that will help.


Ben G


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