Can you trust these flightschools?

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There are several flight training schools advertising on those dreadful Google-Ads.

I found those two to be interesting, but can they be trusted?

The first one is in San Diego, USA and offers JAR-courses, too.

The second one is in Manila (Philippines) and for me this one sounds very weird and I would not trust it.

The reason why I am asking this is because I want to start my flight trainign very soon (CPL + ME or SE, no instructor rating). I might have the opportunity to start a (sub-)business of my own with a small SE-turboprop (PC-12 or similar). Therefore I would not need to go to a flight school which is "airline approved". I thought this might save my some money.

The school in Manila at least offers very cheap courses (27000 Dollars for 0-205 hours CPL trainign) including accomodation, but I think it is "safer" in the US (similar price tag at that flight school).

Please give me some (useful) advice.

Thank you,

Robert Lechner

Robert, i suggest that you ask in a more localised forum. Most the people here are English or Nordic and we have very few Americans. I suggest you find a local American forum as they will be able to provide alot more local knowledge and maybe even personal experience.

Ok, thank you very much.

I just thought that, as both school offer JAA training, someone here might have known them.


There are several flight training schools advertising on those dreadful Google-Ads.

Well, if a school needs to advertise itself on a Google-Ad banner over the internet, then I would at least say that it's some rather new/small/unknown school.    So would mean perhaps cheaper prices and _perhaps_ not so highly developed training methods as the older schools might use.. But, can't really say if you can "trust" them.

Well, the first school you mention uses C-152, C-172, Piper Warrior and Arrow aircraft for SE training. Pretty standard, though proven aircraft types, and a good way of keeping the costs down.
One simulator, an Elite PCATD simulator is mentioned for ground instrument training. Unfortunately, they donīt give the exact model. As the letters suggest, this is a PC-based simulator system. Though approved by the FAA, still a PC simulator. The cheapest model of these costs 3995 USD at the factory which makes them.

Might be good, might be bad, I cannot tell. Still, sounds a little on the cheap side to me. Though, San Diego sounds better. However, better to be careful about all these less-known flight schools, academies or universities (!) since just about anybody can start a Flight University in the USA, the land of unlimited opportunities...

And ask them if you have to pay the courses in advance. Usually thatīs a bad sign.


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