Can you trust these flightschools?

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What it would cost and do they have like houses for students?

PPL about 80000-9000 Euros
ATPL about 6500 Euros

Campus 350 Euros/month

Call SPU on +46 (0)31 925505 and ask for Torbjörn and he'll help you.

As a 15 year old now  dont have to rush after this i mean high school i go to vocational school and maybe after that higher school.

Then i go to army maybe  and after that i get a place and then i send papers to flight academys maybe i send first one to there because cheaper but the campus price is a hell.

Is it like that if you just take ATPL you get in that PPL?


Anybody got experience about this one?

I think it is good, near and cheap.

So basically you can just try to get in there and then you study for ATPL you dont need a PPL to get in courses?

i thought that you had to work up the scale, startiing with PPL and working upwards.


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