Sound and Profile


Hi Bill,
first of all GREAT work! This panel is just.. amazing!
I have a couple of questions:

1) I can hear the APU spooling up and down with no problem, but when the engines' accelerate, I can hear no difference in the sound... I undertand the ERJ is quiet, but THAT quiet?!

2) do you know where could I find some "mission profiles"? Without considering winds, what are realistinc cruise FL for given distance and a/c weight?

3) with engines runnings, turning off the fuel pumps doesn't turn off the engines; guess it's a FS2002 problem..?

Best regards and keep up with the good work!!!



1. There is almost no engine sound in the cockpit. It's mostly wind noise.

2. Don't have any mission profiles.

3. Turn off the fuel pumps shouldn't turn off the engines. Turning off the fuel flow will shut down the engines, and you do that by selecting OFF using the engine start knobs on the overhead.


P.S. Thanks for the kind comments.

Ah, I see.
Thank you very much Bill for the reply and all the hard work!

Fly safe



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