EMB-170 Panel


I recently downloaded an emb-170 from projecterj.com. But, when I opened it in FS2004, it showed up with a B737 panel and sound. I know how that can be fixed by just going into the .cfg file. But, I wanted to first find an appropriate panel for the 170 and I think I did, on ******, but when I clicked "Download" it posted this page saying: "This page cannot be displayed" Show, if anyone could please tell me where I could find a freeware, emb-170 panel, I would really appreciate it. I'll go in search for a sound package for the 170, myself.

PS: Could someone please tell me why there are asticks, I didn't curse or anything! All I did was mention a site, which was ******, see it did it to me again!

Well, that particular site is not "supported" on these forums due to the things what the author has done to sim community by stealing freeware files to their site (and thereafter not removing them when their authors so requested ..  - and many other things).

Oooh.. I see. This new server is pretty smart and pretty good at protecting these kinds of things.

I downloaded a panel from a sim site.. You can forget about this topic now


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