ERJ Panel Problem - switches off



FS2002. P4-3ghz, 512mb RAM, GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE video card.
FSUIPC v2.9.7.4 (file dated 14/3/2003).

Downloaded the panel and the update. Began the Introductory Flight (slowly reading through it) but I only got up to starting the APU, then the MFD, PFD, EICAS and some buttons (such as the Flaps lever and all the labels on the FGC buttons) all just disappeared, went blank.

So I tried to reset the flight. The APU was still running, So I "ended" the flight, intending to reselect it from the FS menu, but even though the flight was ended, the APU sound continued. So I restarted FS, then started the Introductory Flight again. This time I progressed a little faster through the checks I'd already learned. I got to page 3, click on the CPL button, and it happened again.

So I restarted FS and restarted the Flight. This time I got as far as the TOGA button (page 4) and it happened again. It's almost as if something kicks in after a period of time, causing a display problem.

See the attached image. I can recreate this problem easily, so if you need other pics or details, let me know.

The other day, when I installed this, I took it for a fly without reading the instructions. I flew it for about half an hour, including 2 landings, all without incident. But today when I tried the Introductory flight, this error shows up after only a few minutes each time.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Further info.

I decided to just load the ERJ and see what happens. I loaded the intro flight, turned the batteries switch to Auto, turned the avionics master on and then left it. It went blank exactly 8 minutes after the Intro Flight was loaded, exactly 7 minutes after the avionics master was turned on. This time, the gear lever remained visible. About 5.5 minutes after turning on the Avionics master, I noticed something flickered on the MFD, but I it's too quick to identify.


Probably "flat" battery, so try checking the fsuipc option about unlimited battery life.

Thanks Sami, that worked.

I also tried setting it to a value of 8, which isn't indefinate, but it gives you enough extra battery life before the main generators come online.


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