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Hey everyone!

I have flown the FS2002 ERJ panel by Bill Grabowski for a long time now and I just downloaded the FS2004 version. I keep getting an error message about the "ERJ.gau" when I select the ERJ series by Dreamwings. This is the only gauge I found that is related to the ERJ. Are there any more gauges that I need to download or a new version of this gauge?


Please check the FAQ topic at the top of this forum to insure that you've done everything properly for the installation.


Hi !

I encounter the same problem, but I've downloaded these package :

I've read the FAQ, checked my configuration, and maybe that the problem comes from FSUIPC : Do I need to pay it, or can I stay in the freeware version ?

But it seems not to be the reason : FSUIPC isn't need in the FS interface, is it ?

Thanks for all...

P.S. : I've reinstalled FS2004, but before that I changed my hardisk, I've never had problems with your panel
What's wrong, now ?


It shouldn't be fsuipc.dll if you have the latest version. Check it. You also need to make sure you have all the other modules installed in the Modules directory, especially the sound module, FSSound.dll, which has to be the 1.5 version, not 1.6. 

Make sure you don't have two versions of the ERJ.gau, like one in the panel.ERJgrab directory (preferred) and another in Gauge directory.

I'd also go back and recheck all the FAQ's to make SURE you've done everything.


I got it !

I haven't FSSound.dll on my computer

Where do you advise me to download it ?

Thanks for your help

Will the ERJ panel work in FS2004?
Yes, with a few changes:
1. Get the payware version of Peter Dowson's fsuipc.dll if you don't want to wait until I can get the panel accredited. This activates the TCAS. I have the last version of FSUIPC installed (v3.48), and only registered for the IVAO Pilot software (no user registration, because I've never bought the software)
2. Change the entry "yaw_damper_gain=0.000000" to "yaw_damper_gain=1.000000"  in the aircraft.cfg file of the airplane for which you want to use the panel. I have download the panel included in a plane pack, so every aircraft.cfg is already configured with "yaw_damper_gain=1.0"
3. Add "FSSound.dll=1" under the heading [OLDMODULES] in fs9.cfg. That has been done and checked


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