reverse thrusters and sound when everything is off

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I have downlaoded the cfERJ and then added one by one grab4, 4.01 and 4.02 for FS2004.  I followed all the instructions in the various posts and readme files. This is as near as I can tell from the posts how to do this (I am a new ERJ user).  So far the plane is great and I just love using it.  I have three questions though: (1)  I can't seem to get the reverse thrusters to work (I kow there was a post earlier not working on some planes in Europe but I was not sure if that meant that thrusters don't work.  From a side view the reversers look like they are trying to move and only move a very little bit and the "rev" indicator just comes on very briefly (yes, when F2 is held down).  I notice that this same kind of thing happens with the speed brake with Charlie Fox's panel; the speed brake won't lock down and just sort of flitters on and off.  I am using a game port joystick and do have the rather classic throttle jitter but it seems to work good otherwise

(2) Also, when I turn EVERYTHING off I still hear a jet engine sound of some kind in the cockpit (No, it is not another plane nearby  .  What is this sound supposed to be? air conditioning? And can I turn it off? I want to get a complete dark and cold cockpit if possible.

(3)  Is it possible to add the map, and GPS buttons like Charlie Fox has in cfERJ to the 4.02 panel?  I know the GPS is easy t use with Shift 6, but the map button particularly is useful and handy to have there.

Thanks in advance.  I love flying this plane.

Bill Barrette


There are indeed some ERJ's that don't use reversers, and this is normal when they don't depoy. To find out which, I'd suggest doing a search for the airplane's aircraft.cfg file for "reverse" to see if it equals 0 (no reverse) or 1 (has reverse). I'm guessing at this since I'm at work. Generally it is the European airlines that don't have reverse.

If you downloaded the panel included in Charles Fox's ERJ kit, I'd suggest you use it, since it is my panel with hot buttons for the Map, GPS, and Pushback added to the radar panel on the left of the glareshiield. All the FAQ's and updates for my panel here also apply to the one in Charles' files.

If you try to deploy the spoilers in the ERJ while on the ground and moving, they will not deploy. They will deploy in the air. At touchdown they will deploy automaticallly so you don't have to arm them. They will also retract automatically below 30 knots.

If you turned on the APU but did not turn it off, then it will continue to run after shutdown. Remember to push the STOP APU button on the overhead panel.


Thanks for the quick reply.

1.  I had already checked the airvraft cong files and they all have reverse thruster=1.  I have the latest FSUIPC.dll (3.48) installed, if that is important.  When landing I press F2 and nothing happens.  How is this supposed to work?  Do I have to increase the throtle or is it all automatic?  Well, I tried once to increase the throttle and I just sped up down the runway   so it has to be more than that.

2.  I just noticed that the reverse thruster does not work on any of my aircraft, even the default 737, same thing as before, doors try to open but just can't for some reason.  I am not sure why, maybe you have an idea?  .gau problem?

3.  Regarding the sound, everything, including the APU is off.  All screens are dark, all switches are off and I have still a have a constant sound like air conditioning or something.  Kind of sounds like an jet engine going somewhere.  I also initially thought it was the APU but I checked this and it was off.

4.  Regarding the panel, when I use Charlie's panel, the spoiler won't stay up when clicked, stutters when held down and doesn't deploy automotically on landing (I am not sure if the 4.02 panel does either) but the 4.02 panel spoiler stays up when it is clicked on once, even when on the ground and not moving.  Otherwise, the two panels are pretty much the same.  When the spoilers "automatically" open upon landing, is the spoiler switch in the cockpit supposed to move to the open position?  It doesn't seem to do this on either panel for me.

The combination of these two things makes it hard for me to stop the plane on the CRP runway when using the ERJ tutorial (which by the way, is excellent and one of the best tutorials I have seen, even if the SID is a bit out of date.)  I am sure that some of this has to do with the plane being new to me.  But the thruster problem is a little frustrating.

I just love the panel though.  It has definitely become my favorite

The reverse thrusters are a bit of a puzzle to me.  I can see the outline of where they are and they seem want to open and do partially open about an amount equal to about real life 1/2".

Anyways, any advice you have would be very appreciated.

3.2 GHz P4, Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb, 1GB Ram, FS2004, most settings maxed,  20-50 fps

Bill Barrette, Jr.

ok, I solved the problem with the thrusters, I needed to increase the throttle manually like almost full power when F2 is pressed   .  I am still a newbie when it comes to jets and I didn't see anything in the tutorial about doing this, so sorry about that.

Still a have the sound issue though and the spoilers not staying open when clicked with cferj panel.

Bill Barrette, Jr.

Well, the spoiler issue is simply a matter of arming the spoilers first before landing  , pretty silly actually and the plane slows and stops great now .  The spoilers indicate up when landing now too. There was nothing in the manual about doing this first but we all are beginners at one time or another.

Still have the sound issue though.  When the outside of the plane is looked at in spot mode, there is no sound, only when in cockpit mode.  There is a sound file of some kind running in this mode, and only with this plane.

Now that I can actually stop this plane on the runway, I am having a really great time flying it.  The many people in the various forums and reviews that say this is one of the best freeware planes available are pretty accurate.  I will join United VA and buildup my hours there with this plane.  Thanks for your efforts on this project.


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