Game port joystick throttle cause a problem?


I was wondering if my problems with the spoilers and reverse thruster have anything to do with the game port joystick and rudder pedals I am using.  The throttle has the typical jitters these game port joysticks have and maybe this is messing with the go around function.  What do  you think?  I just can't seem to get the thruster and spoilers to reliably function.  Pressing F1 and then F2 just doesn't do anything most of the time.  Going to full throttle with F2 pressed only sometimes causes the thrusters to work, sort of.  The rest of the time I am just accelerating down the runway during landing when I use this method.

Also, how do I email Charles Fox?  His yahoo email address listed in cferj readme file appears not to work.  I am having an "erj.gau can't be loaded" problem when I install  cferj Total Package all by itself which results in FS9 crashing.  I have to end FS9 from the Task Manager.  That package has no FSSound.dll file, the erj.gau file is in the gauge folder, not the fsconv/panel.cferj folder, no comments in the installation that [OLDMODULES] etc. is needed and I am not clear from this Forum and FAQ what comments apply only to grab4 and which apply only to cferj and which may apply to both.  I got cferj  panel to work by substituting panel.cferj for panel.erjgarb4, but I don't think that is correct.  cferj should work all on its own, it seems to me.

By the way, I was unable to find erjgrab4, 4.01, 4.02  on Avsim today.  (I need to redownload this package (don't ask why )) if I can't get cferj to work.  Where can I find this file now?

Bill Barrette

All Bill's ERJ panel files can be found right here on's file library.


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