Saitek X52


Hello chaps,

Just wondering if anyone else out there has an X52 and if they have the problem in FS9 of what seems to be logarithmic sensitivity with the stick.

Movement of the stick doesn't do much until it moves across around 50% of its travel and then everything comes in a rush.

I've tried adjusting it in all of the possible obvious windows but to no avail. Anyone out there know of a fix?



Hi Ian, i have got the same problem with my x52.  This is very irritating, especially when it comes to shallow turns and takeoffs.  Have you tried to calibrate it and
tried to change the "deadzones" ? I have but it doesnt work, unfortunately.  Does you ministick work ? If so, how do you activate it ?



I have a X52 but have not the problems you have, has it been like this all the time or did it appear lately?



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