Flaps don't work when viewed in video replay


Anybody ever notice that when the FS2004 video record option is used to record a flight with ERJgrab 4-4.02 that the flaps don't move when the video is replayed even though the flaps were extended or retracted when the video was recorded? (Video started with the autopilot off of course. Started with AP on= FS9 crash).  Everything else about the replayed flight like landing gear etc. is fine.  

No problem but just wondering if maybe i am doing something wrong.

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Bill Barrette

Bill B.,

The airplane doesn't do much of anything in a video.

Bill G.

Actually, the plane does everything it is supposed to do in a video, at least when the video is viewed in spot mode, except for the flaps; theys tay where they were when the video recording was started.  Many settings on the panel, if viewed in 2D mode, are not correct but that is  not a problem as I like viewing the takeoffs and landings from spot mode.  Just don't forget to turn off the autopilot before starting the video recording though  


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