Embraer Virtual Website


While this has been mentioned before, I have recieved quite a few emails relating to this website recently so I thought I would address the matter again.

When I started work on the version 3 ERJs I created a website called "Project ERJ" to house them on so that people could find them in one easy location. After a while, once most all of the planes were released, I decided to close down the site and simply upload the planes to the avsim file library. Once the URL expiried, it was bought by another group which used it to host an unauthorized copy of the website. Despite denying this group permission to used the site or the files and after repeated requests to take the site down, it remains available today, hosting files without permission.

As I have stated in the past, I will not support any aircraft downloaded from this website. If you want the latest, most accurate, and complete Project ERJ aircraft from the people who were acutally involved in Project ERJ please visit the avsim file library.

Sorry if this seems a bit out of place, but I've gotten too many emails of late on this subject.


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