Special Event On Virtualpilots_1 - Sat July 30th 2005



Welcome to "Marat", the Sixth Virtualpilots' Forgotten Battles Special Event!

What: Forgotten Battles dogfight event for up to 96 players
Where: Virtualpilots' FB server "Virtualpilots_1"
When: Saturday July 30th 2005 at 19 CET, 20 Finnish, 21 Moscow, 13 (1pm) US eastern time.

More information at the event website:

How to join:
-Install Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion Pack, Pacific Fighters and the latest patch
-Install HyperLobby:    http://hyperfighter.sk
-Install TeamSpeak2:    http://www.virtualpilots.fi/help/teamspeak/   
-Register at the event website:   http://vp1.telija.net/marat/
-Practise in the two training sessions
-No later than 18.45 CET, join the dogfight server and TeamSpeak2

Please see the information thread on the SimHQ forum: http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bbs/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=127;t=003899


The Virtualpilots Game Server Staff

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