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Before I start, I just want to say that the ERJ-145 panel is absolutely awesome!!  I haven't seen any other panel that comes close.  My brother just got hired on with Express Jets and it going through their training.  It's fun to fly along with him.  I downloaded this expecting to just tinker along, but this goes will beyond tinkering along.

I'm looking for help with two problems. 

1) I've downloaded & installed version 4 with patch 4.1 & 4.2 from this site into FS9 patch 1.  When I look into any of the side views (right front, right, left front, left, etc), I see both the virtual cockpit and the fixed panels displayed at the same time.  (Attached is an image to illustrate the problem).  Ideally, I'd like to use both features, one-at-a-time depending on the view I select.  But if I have to disable one or the other, I'd like to disable the virtual cockpit.  The way I'm using this ERJ-145, I don't have much need for the virtual cockpit.

By the way, I don't know if this plays into the problem or not, but I have a dual monitor setup where I open two cockpit views -- forward on the left monitor, foward right on the right monitor)

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2)  I do a lot of night flying with this.  Is there any way to put a landing light and taxi light on the aircraft such that they light up the outside?  I've added the lights as per the upgrade instructions and went a step further to add a landing light to the aircraft.cfg file.  The landing light shows up when I look at the airframe from the outside, but it doesn't light up the pavement.  It's clearly a case of me not knowing what I'm doing and would welcome any suggestions.

Thank you,

Please forgive me.  I typed this post just after waking up.  There's a few errors in my post.

I'm using version 4 with updates 4.01 and 4.02.   Not 4.1 & 4.2

Also, I've read the other post, "ERJ145 Panel by Bill Grabowski", which sounds like the same problem.  I saw the comment about having a VC enabled aircraft and could use an older version of Nick's aircraft.  I'd like to try that solution, but am just a little shy of being savvy enough to understand what I need to do.  What file do I need to replace and what file do I need to replace it with?


Glad you like the panel and plane. Your brother might benefit from it too.

You can get one of Nick's earlier airplane versions (like v.1) that don't have the VC, and there are other freeware ERJ's that also don't have VC's (like Dreamwings, I think).

If an airplane has a VC, you can't disable it. You have to remove the side art or you'll see double.



Thanks for the quick response. 

Please bear with me.    I'm not afraid to dig in and change files, but I'm a newbie at downloading and modifying airplanes.  I'm just not sure yet which file needs to change when you say "earlier airplane version".  Is it the .air file, the ERJ.gau file?  Something else?  Once I know what I'm looking for, I can go find it and put it in.

Secondly, do you have any comments about my 2nd question?   I'd like to add landing and taxi light to light up the pavement during my night flights.

My brother gets to fly Continental's full-motion sim and the real jets.  He doesn't have much use for these "piddly little video games" at the moment.    But we're both very curious to see the differences between this and the real thing.
We have plans, when we get together over christmas, to use his checklists against this panel.  Personally, I'm very excited that there's such a high quality simulation of the ERJ-145 and that by a stroke of luck it happens to have the same markings as my brother's company.

Thanks again.

Bill / Nick,

Based on both your inputs, I dug a little deeper on and found gold:  the  "ProjectERJ version 3 Continental Express ERJ-145 N13970."  This has all the additions for the lights (my 2nd question), it's got the Continental markings, and as a bonus it's got all the moving parts.  For the time being, Joe the FO and I have made a sad parting.  (I like the detailed side panel art)

There's a benefit to using the virtual cockpit that I didn't realize until playing with this version of the ERJ.  After getting my front and right-front views to line up between the two monitors, I end up with a larger viewable area on the right-front view that I did with the fixed views. 


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