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Greetings, everyone!

As I'm sure that some of you took part of the 'fly-according-to-the-real-scheldue' events in Copenhagen and Scotland, we at VACC Estonia thought of creating something similar - Tallinn Airport Online Day, as we like to call it. Now, it's all still in the 'idea' status, but we'd like to know if we could count on some of FInnair's workforce in the making of this event. The date is unknown for now but the event will be held on Sunday sometime in September (probably 25th) between the times 11:00 and 23:00 (around 40 flights). The airlines between what you can choose from are as follows:

Estonian Air, EasyJet, Aero Airlines (Finnair), Avies, Air Baltic, SAS, KLM, flyNordic, CSA and LOT Polish Airlines.

Destinations are as follows:

London (Gatwick and Stansted), Helsinki, Prague, Frankfurt, Berlin (Tegel and Schonefeld), Stockholm (Arlanda), Copenhagen, Vilnius, Riga, Paris, Oslo, Amsterdam, Kuressaare (domestic), Kardla (domestic), and Warsaw.

There's also Milan and Dublin but those most probably don't fit into our event.

There might be some charters by Estonian Air just aswell and we're doing our best to find those out before the event.

We'd be glad to know if anyone is even interested and if so, we'll set up a booking page with all the needed information such as flightplans and sceneries.

EDIT: OMG, I'm nuts, the even is beeing held of course in September, not November!

why don't you drop a note of this also to Finnish "Verkkolentäminen" forum, and to our General forum too. I can also post it to our news page if you wish. (and in the future, feel free to send news items to us - email is news(at)fsnordic.net)   

Many thanks for your help, Sami, I'll do the other posts as well, but no need to put it in the front page just yet, we'll clearify a few things first, I'll drop you an e-mail, if that's ok with you.

(yeah, actually just noticed, that the date is still open.....)

Ok, the date has been set to 25th of September, 0800-2000 UTC. This may change so don't take it forgranted just jet.


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