4.02 readme vuoto?


Joku on "vuotanut" otsikon mukaisen tiedon, alkuperäinen viesti täällä

Lainaus tuolta viestistä:

from the readme:

"New Features

Flight Model

- adjusted ground effect *
- adjusted gyro effect *
- Aerodynamic focus dependency on angle of attack *
- Flap position now affects aileron sensitivity
- P-39 no longer rolls when the engine is started / shut off *
- IAR-80 / 81 trimmer reversed
- BF-109 flight model fine tuned
- various small changes to other aircraft *

New Aircraft.

Flyable aircraft:

Yak-7B, 1942
- M-105 PF engine
- 515 km/h at sea level
- sustained turn time at 1,000 m – 20 sec
- CoG too close to the nose

Notice: This aircraft was released after many requests from online players on both sides that play historical sets for 1942 Eastern front. It was easy to release even with our complete lack of time.

P-47D, 1944 *
150 octane and increased boost pressure. Performance almost like P-47M

New AI ground objects

Armored train.

Modifications and fixes

There is a large number of small modifications and fixes to the entire code of our simulation.
We accumulated users input and fixed lots of big and little things in order to polish our simulation even further. We sincerely thank all our users who were so helpful in the process!

- Added Fiat CR.42’s tail wheel rotation (limited)
- Corrected the probability of the FW-190 catching fire
- Landing gear breaks easier when skidding

Changes to AI:

- formation algorithm *
- take-off *
- landing / taxi *
- Bombing in shallow dive for fighters and fighter-bombers (attack aircraft) *
- Il-2 aiming with rockets

Elikkäs ei tullut kovin paljoa uusia koneita tässä päivityksessä, lentomallia hiukan hierottu. Martilla on varmaan tästä päivityksestä enempi tietoa 

Näihän Oleggi vihjaili päivityksestä aiemmin.

"Next new small patch that we plan to release in the end of August is v4.02 and will contains:

- Changes and tunes in new FM.
- Yak-7B, 1942 with M-105PF engine
- P-47D boosted for use of 150 octan (almost P-47M performance)."



- BF-109 flight model fine tuned

Alkaa jo pelottaa tuo 


Alkaa jo pelottaa tuo 

Sanoppa muuta, toivottavasti ei mene opettelun puolelle taas.


Martilla on varmaan tästä päivityksestä enempi tietoa 


Eipä oikeastaan ole, mutta viestin lähettäjä on pistänyt muitakin valeviestejä joten tätä ei kannata uskoa ihan 100%:sti.


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