Embraer120 Flows/Landing Technique??



Only looking to ask if anyone has any flows from operating the Embraer120 - real or virtual!  I'm using the model by Nick Botamer with the panel "dmemb120.zip" that has lots of functionality but I'm a mess with the electrical system/hyrdaulics/antiice/airconditioning/pressurization etc.etc.etc.



ps. Any info on how to make good landings would be good too.  I like the flight model but I always end up floating too much <50ft. above the runway.  At around 9t (18000pounds) have tried 2 Vref values of 130kt and 100kt.  100kt makes my Angle of Attack big and the runway is too low in the field of vision and hidden behind the panel.  130kt is much better but I have to reduce power to idle at like 70ft. to try to reduce the float.  Any ideas appreciated.


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