few post install questions..



Yesterday quite accidentally I discovered cferj.zip file on AVSIM and installed
it. To say the least - I am blown away. My sincere thanks to Bill and all other
incredible team members.
I have a few after install questions and thanks for help..
1) After shutting down everything and bringing the cockpit to cold and
dark state, i am still hearing the engines sound inside the cockpit and
all around the aircraft outside. I have everything turned off and
cockpit is dark and engines are positively STOP. Not sure where the
sound is coming from. I parked the aircraft so far, that there is no other jet
around it!! What is wrong?
2) I have installed the lighting effects file from the "File Extras"
folder included in the zip, as per the install instructions.
However, it is not clear, how to use the effects to see the lights from inside the cockpit.
Wondering how to use these effects?
3) Also, just a note..the support email address mentioned in the zip file "ERJProject@yahoo.com" is bouncing. I had to do some hard digging to find this forum, and luckily i found this.
Once again, thanks for the excellent work and the great documentation.

For the sound in cold and dark cockpit problem i mentioned below..

I noticed this other post from Bill Barrett http://www.fsnordic.net/discussion/index.php/topic,38880.0.html without any seeming resolution..

I couldn't stand the sound in that cold cockpit, so, I have done some digging myself and found not just one but basically 3 files as culprits.

1) Unlike Bill B. believed, it is not the FPDA_A320_gear_1.wav file that is causing this sound.

2) These following files in the "sound.cdERJ" directory either individually or combined together are causing the noise. You'll hear a different kind of sound if you just keep one of each individually or place them together in that directory..

They are:

a) erj_ac.wav
b) erj_roll_a.wav
c) erj_cabin.wav

If you remove these 3 from the above directory and leave the rest, above mentioned sound disappearing as expected.

Now, I leave it to the project experts to fix this annoying problem.



Glad you are enjoying the panel.

The sounds that bother you are not part of the panel per se. They are part of the airplane sounds that come with the Charles Fox package that includes also the airplane and his excellent flight models.

The files you mention in the File Extras folder are not for the panel, but for the airplane. To turn on the panel lights, there is a switch on the left side lights panel.



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