MFD Overlay disabling clickable items on Main Panel


I have the problem, that the clickable items(e.g. freq changes; parking brake) on the Main Panel are only clickable, when the MFD overlay is removed (i.e. sh2). It appears, that the MFD overlay covers the Main Panel.
No mods to the config file and/or erj.gau whatsowever.
I'm desperate !!!


That's exactly backwards from the way it should be.  I recommend you download the panel from's file area with upgrades and completely re-install, after you remove all of the previous ERJ panel installation.


Thanks Bill,
I have done what you suggested, but without any change. The MFD still causes the same issue.
I have a genuine FS9 ; FSUIPC 3.47; Windows XP.
Any further suggestions ?!


If you have made no alterations to the panel config whatsoever, are you using Shift-1,2,3 etc to manage the windows? If so, don't! Use the mouse areas provided. If this still doesn't work, take some screenshots of what you've experiencing and post them here.


P.S. You might also want to read the FAQ topic at the top of this forum to make sure you've got all that covered.


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