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One of the biggest killers in the world is Cancer! Killing millions of people every year, with scientists working around the clock all over the world to find a cure. Scientists are currently trying many, many possible medicines for a cure, each medicine and chemical has to be tested, for side-effects, efficiency etc. This takes HUGE amounts of computer power, more than any Government has in the World to undertake.

To put this in perspective;

    * Examining the entire human genome for instance could require up to 1,000,000 years of computational time on an up-to-date PC.
    * Using a commercial 1000 node cluster would require 50 years and, while faster, would still be impractical.

Basically, the more computer power the system has, the less time (in years) it will take to find out a possible cure.

Obviously a cure for cancer would save millions of lives each year around the world.

How you can help!

Simply download the Cancer Research Tool, and everytime your screensaver activates on your computer, the tool will start calculating in the background. Obviously this will not affect your PC Performance as when your screensaver is on, your CPU is not being used, so why not give your CPU power to the Cancer Research, while it isnt being used!

To Download:

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Just out of interest, has anyone started using this? I have...

ok i have register..

im to lazy to do volunteer work i let my computer do all the work haha 

sure, i've just started now. 

I will use this! my mum is suffer from canser so i will do everything to help everyone fight against the canser. I know what the disease can do and everyone must help the world to find a remedy.


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