737-700 Southwest "classic" Sky Harbour to San Fransisco Intl

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I haven't posted screenies in a while, so here goes! I flew with Southwest Airlines "classic" (fabulous paint in my opinion ) 737-700 from Sky Harbour to San Fransisco Intl. Heavy traffic at both ends. The flight duration was about 1½ hours and the weather was cloudy. The route was SMALL1B SMALL DCT FUZZY J110 CZQ LOCKE1.
My addons used on this trip were: (first time I had payware airports and payware photosceneries at both the departure and arrival airports! )
Simulating art PhoenixSimflyersin Sky HarbourFly Tampa San Fransisco IntlMegacity San FransiscoActive camera and Active skyPMDG 737NGThe airplane parked at gate B18. Food and the baggage is being loaded onto the airplane quickly. Somehow that man looking into the camera looks very sad.

The pilots have just arrived into the cockpit and are starting the systems:

The air for the passengers was cut off for a moment as the engines were started. All the lights blinked off for an instant as engine #1 spooled up.

Taxiing had to be done carefully, or my wingtip would have touched the Hawaain Airlines 767.

And the next number is waiting. Sky Harbour has so much traffic!

America West 737 in for landing.

A Delta 767 moments before touchdown.

And finally, after half an hour of waiting, we were cleared for takeoff. A pity, since the captain had just opened a magazine. As the plane turned on to the runway, the pilots looked a little nervously behind, just to make sure a plane was not going to land on them.

"Advance throttle to takeoff power. " Rotate!

Gear up! Nose attitude is 20 degrees. Phoenix is in the background.

I can almost eel myself heavier and feel the pressure in my ears. The climb attitude was today exceptionally steep, since the plane was lightly laden.

Up and away!

Climbing over Phoenix. All I can say is that Phoenix is quite a gigantic "metropolis". Certainly bigger than Helsinki.

Cruising on FL330. Phoenix is surrounded by a big desert, and there is sand as far as the eye can see.

The sun is shining and lunch is being served in the cabin. How could things be better?

This is the land of red rock.

The T/D is approaching, so I will have to start preparing my approach. My STAR-route today will be LOCKE1 to runway 28R.

Turning over San Jose. The descent has been started in good time.

The Golden Gate Bridge. I love San Fransisco Bay!

Turning onto final.

Runway in sight. The airspeed is a tad too much.

Gear down!

A few more metres to the moment of truth.

And a picture from the perspective of a passenger. Heck, here is even more traffic than Sky Harbour!

Touchdown! And it was a smooth landing! The plane on final behind me did a go-around a moment after this shot was taken. There is always action at San Fransisco Intl!

Clearing the runway via high-speed taxiway Tango.

Holding next to runway 28L as a Continental 737 takes off.

Taxiing could continue a moment later. An Alaskan 737 is taxiing in the opposite direction. You can see that the 737 is a popular airplane!

The flight is ending: terminal in sight at twelve o'clock.

When the plane stopped, the ground power was attached and the engines could be shut down without losing power. The passengers exited the airplane, and the captain & co-pilot are going through the shutdown checklists.

Comment are welcome as always.

When i saw this topic i thought "YES! Johann Muszynski is posting pictures! 
Lovely Scenery and feeling in the pictures! good job! 

Great Pictures and how entertaining to read!!

Please more!!

Great shots, the scenery´s is amazing .


  So, So Beautiful!!

Sure does beat typical, default FS scenery...Whaaa


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