Manual for panel


This may be a stupid question.  But where can I get the manual for the panel ERJ-145.  I have downloaded all of the files 2000 to 2004 and I cannot find it in there anywhere.  Is there something I am missing?  It states in the readme file to look under the extras directory but none of the files has this directory.  I have also searched the forums and cannot find anything there either.


At least I found it. Download the base package of the panel (8.0MB). You can find it easily from here file libraries. Just click the file library "button" in the left frame of this website. Then just click the Most downloaded text and the ERJ panel will be in that page.

After you have downloaded the package you will extract it to temporary directory using winzip or winrar for example. Then just navigate through the folders erj_grab->Aircraft->fsfsconv->panel.ERJgrab->ERJ panel Documentation and the ERJ Manual.pdf should be in front of you.

Hopefully you were able to understand my english because it is not so good and I really hope that this one helped you to find the manual.


Your English works just fine. I understood everything you wrote!



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