Framerate problem only with EMB145



Since I have Fs04 in use, I have a problem with the framerates. With the EMB145 I get not more than 9 fps. The settings of the effects or the resolution don't have any effects. If I use any other panel, I don't have this problems and get easily framerates up to 30fps. If I close while flying the EMB145 the instrument panel with 's', the framerate increases immediate to >20fps.

With any other panels I don't have this problems. I can't understand that I can fly for example the Falcon 50 with all graphic modes in highest posotions and 20fps and the EMB145 with lowest graphics modes only with 9fps.

Is there any explanation for this behaviour? What can I do?


Make sure you are using the latest version of the panel (obtainable at or at in Charles Fox's package) which has performance improvements in the programming. Also, read the FAQ topic in this forum for hints on how to improve the frame rates.



hmm, I did what you said and tried it with all emb versions for 2004 including the package and the file from here, but nothing helped.
It seems, the panel needs more graphic power than any other effects in Fs04. 

Anyhow, thanks for your reply, Bill.


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