ERJ weights to determine takeoff data


I am using the ERJ package by Charles Fox.  The empty weights of the Dreamwings ERJ are conflicting with the takeoff and landing data provided in the documentation.  My total weight with full fuel load is 52000+- pounds.  The takeoff and landing data pages only provide for approx. 48000 pounds.

Is their new data? or a workaround?




Is their new data? or a workaround?

I think only the ERJ-145XR is certified to weights over 48,500lb. The ERJ panel was first released before the ERJ-145XR existed, so documentation for it wasn't included as far as I know. Since you didn't specify which version of the ERJ you were flying, I've listed the max takeoff and landing weights for the various ERJ models as taken from Embraer's website.

ERJ-145XR - 53,131lb/44,092lb
ERJ-145LR - 48,501lb/42,549lb
ERJ-145MP - 46,275lb/42,549lb
ERJ-140LR - 46,517lb/41,226lb
ERJ-140ER - 44,313lb/41,226lb
ERJ-135LR - 44,092lb/40,785lb
ERJ-135ER - 41,887lb/40,785lb


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