Yaw damper + Minimum calls

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The manual indicates when the autopilot is engaged the yaw damper is engaged also.  This is not happening?  Am I missing something here?

Also, is anyone receiving minimum calls when landing?  I think I remember once getting this information.  if not, it must be my memory. 



The yaw damper should indeed engage and the green indicator light on the autopilot panel for YAW illuminate when the autopilot is engage. Using Charles Fox's models should not be a problem. Check that in the aircraft.cfg that ...


When the yaw damper is disengaged, that will also disengage the autopilot.



Yes.   I engaged the autopilot and the yaw damper did not engage as well.  According to the manual the yaw damper should engage until the autopilot is disengaged by pressing the button on the FGC or if I disengage the autopilot.

I took of from an airport and engaged the autopilot and realized the yaw damper did not engage.

I verified the settings.  They are all correct in the aircraft.cfg file.

Many thanks.


I forgot as far as the minimum calls I swear I remember getting them before the Charles Fox package was released.  I was using your panel with the Project ERJ model and not the dreamwings ERJ.   I just want to make sure I am not missing any files and/or patches.   I am making sure I read the manual thoroughly before asking questions.

Altitude callouts include "approaching minimums", "minimums", and "100" if the decision height is 200'. If you are NOT on a glide slope, you will also hear "500". If you are on the glide slope and your decision height is NOT 200', you will hear "200". An altitude callout will not be heard if that altitude is the decision altitude.



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