Copy of My Virtual Airline?

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I have'nt noticed this earlier, But it seems like someone has copyed the painting of my Virtual Airline "NOVA Virtual Airways" Or vice versa. In the download area here at FSnordic, I recently found a Dornier 328 in the colors of "Citystar" airlines. The disturbing thing is that it seems like they have an extremely similar painting. I wounder if someone knows ANYTHING about a real "Citystar" airlines or if someone is active within a this VA.

With hope of a fast solution!
// Tobias Alfredsson

Take a look at the links below...

Perhaps they did copy your livery after all


EDIT - finally found your website at you have a four point star and the citystar livery is a five point star. The similarity is still striking though!

Where can we find a picture of your VA livery? So we could compare these two. I searched with the help of google for your website but I wasn't able to find anything. By the way which one made the livery first? First pictures of this aircraft in that livery was taken at november 2004.

Use the link above for the VA. And if i was you i would seriously consider changing your livery before you get contacted by CityStarAirlines. Not saying it will happen, but its happened to many VA's before for copying livery's and images without permission.

Thank You everyone for your help!
I Should have made this myself, but I hadīnt time to do any searching this week due to school.
However, I will contact Citystar Airlines to try to sort this problem out.
Since I have'nt registered my airline nor its painting anywhere, and to make it harder, My first paintings were done in the beginning of november 2004... I doubt it is possibly to continue with this painting. NOVA Virtual Airways will now cease all flights until the problem has been solved and a new Paintscheme and eventually a logo has been developed.

Once Again, Thank you for your help.


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