MD-80 navigation


I have Flight one's MD-80 and I'd like to know if the navigation system is real. It has got ONS(omega nav system) and another device of wich name I can't remember, it is used to make flightplans and send them to ONS. Does real MD's / DC9's have these devices?

Im not sure but I think older MDs had the OMEGA nav system. 


I have Flight one's MD-80 and...It has got ONS(omega nav system)...Does real MD's / DC9's have these devices?

ONS was an optional system. It was used in MD80 15 years ago but not anymore. There's no need for ONS now when GPS is working, GPS is much better in many ways. I guess all airlines have removed ONS systems from their aircraft many years ago, it's only extra weight. ONS can't fullfill today's navigation accuracy requirements, I quess the system is not working at all anymore.


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