The "Overspeed" logo and that irritating sound=S


How do I get rid of that "overspeed" logo that comes up when you exceed about 340 Knots in every plane. It's so irritating, and especially that sound. Arghaa

Why does that for example come up when you exceed 340 knots with a Concorde? Concorde can reach 1000 knots without a problem..

Plz, need instructions.


You have to understand the airspeed and how it changes, or how the indications change, when you fly higher. Check the FS2004 "Ground school" for information on airspeed.

In the sim check the box (somewhere in the realism settings) Show indicated airspeed.

Concorde flew fast, yes, but it did so above 28.000 feet, accelerated slowly as it climbed higher.

If the sim keeps warning about the Overspeed, then that is exactly what you are doing, flying too fast.

I got it.

Thank you. 

The airspeed indication you get in the cockpit is called IAS (Indicated air speed)
if you want to know the TAS (True air speed) you can use the formula

TAS = IAS + (flightlevel/2)

Let's say you're travelling with IAS 250 knots at an alltitude of 20000 ft you're TAS will be

TAS = 250 + (200/2) = 350 knots

ahhh thanks Patrik that answerd the same question that i have been pondering for a few years.

I now know how it all works




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