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I recently found the file on AVSIM. After reading through the instructions, I found that there were some files that were still missing. That is when I found this site and found that there was an original erj file ( I downloaded that file and extracted the .flt, .pln, and .wx files into the my flight simulator files folder under documents and settings on the c:\ drive. The problem that I am encountering now is that I am unable to do the tutorial flight because I get an error message that says Continental Express ERJ-145 aircraft initialization error. I even get this error if I go to create a flight and just select the ERJ-145 continental express aircraft. Do I have to place the continental express aircraft in the same folder as the .wx, .pln, and .flt files?

I have placed the continental express ERJ-145 folder inside the my flight simulator files folder, but I am still getting the aircraft initialization error. What do I have to do in order to make this tutorial flight work?

Isn't there anyone on this board that can help me fix this problem?

Further information:

Using the continental express ERJ-145 aircraft from will not work because it's an FS2000 aircraft and I get a compatibility warning along with no specialized ERJ panel. The aircraft installed with are all EMB-XXX and there is an EMB-145 with a continental express texture. Downloading an ERJ-145 continental express from avsim or flightsim and then aliasing the panel to the downloaded ERJ-145 won't work.

Surely someone on this board has a solution. All I want to do is get the panel and the aircraft to work with each other so that I can learn how to use the panel. Please help!!!


First, you need the latest panel and gauges. The very latest is in Charles Fox's file that you downloaded, but the latest otherwise available is at's file area and it's version 4.02 for FS9. The differences are minor.

Second, you need to read the FAQ topic at the forum to answer any questions already asked.

Third, for the tutorial flight all you really need is ...

    - an airplane that works in FS9 (Project ERJ or Dreamwings in Charles Fox's file) and the ERJ panel.

    - the flightplan (ERJ Panel Tutorial.PLN) which goes into the c:\Documents and Settings\user_name\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files folder where the rest of your plans go. If you want to see the plan first, use NOTEPAD to look at it.

    - the explanation and tutorial for the flight is contained in ERJ Intro Flight.pdf . This document describes the initial situation, which is parked at a Continental Express gate at Houston's Bush Intl (KIAH) for a flight to Corpus Chrisi, a real world COEX training flight. I suggest you create your own flight with these conditions and whatever weather you prefer and save it.

After you have the above setup, you are ready to go. Just follow the steps in ERJ Intro Flight.pdf .

The files you need are:

    ERJ Intro Flight.pdf
    ERJ Panel Tutorial.PLN
    CRP_ILS_13.pdf (the approach chart for the ILS at Corpus Christi)
    ERJ Checklist_Procedures.pdf

Good luck.


I have tried another suggestion that I received, which was to edit the flight plan file by changing the name of the aircraft to use. This seems to have worked, although, I have not yet installed the updates.

I have two remaining questions:

The instructions in the update file reference deleting all instances of previous installs and replacing them with the updates. Since I have installed, am I changing every instance of cferj to erjgrab?

On the panel, I have reached a point where I am stuck. According to the flight manual, I am supposed to select the flight menu. I don't see a flight menu anywhere on the MFD. I have read through the intro flight manual and the aircraft flight manual, but I don't see any directions on where the flights menu.


If you have installed the panel in Charles Fox's file, you don't need to update or change any names.

I think you are referring to the "Flight Plan" menu of Flight Simulator, which is one of the options under the "File" menu.



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