Spanish Legal Drinking Age?

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Is anyone hear from Spain??

What is the legal drinking age in Spain?

ive been researching and most sites say 16 but there are a couple that state 18, so?

I've been in spain for a couple times, and if i can remember right, even an 10yrs old can buy alcoholic-drinks   But maybe it's only on the southern coast of Spain... I'm not too sure but that's how i remember it..

i was over in mallorca when i was 13 and at 14 and freely buying drinks (if u can 'freely buy' )

y do u wanna know Joe?



I was going on holiday to Menorca so was just interested, anyway home now, and no one fluttered an eye lash at my 13 year old brother so..

I am from greece and i think the same thing happens in my country as in spain.
The legal drinking age is ofcourse 18 years old...
Here is the thing... Nobody cares about it 
In northern countries such as sweden france england etc. on this particular subject everybody follows the law...nobocy sells alkohol to kids below the age of 18.
The law is the same overall the european union but people in southern and eastern europe are more "elastic" with this subject.
And that is because people in southern europe are more "carefull" with it. (no offense)
I ve been living in both southern and northern europe and the majority of the northern "people" ( ) are not so carefull with alkohol (some of my friends say that they simply cant tolarate it )
I currently live in sweden and i cannot even buy a freaking vodka... (i am ONLY 20 yo) so i have to import the years consumption from my country or get someone whos over 21 to buy it from here...
anyways.. anyone.. no offense to anyone and peace out...

DONT DRINK AND DRIVEEEE.... and eat some feta chesse with your salad.. it helps my lands economy


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