A virtual airline - "Air New Zealand - Virtual"


Engjell Berisha:
Good evening Flight Simulator enthusiasts, my name is Engjell Berisha. I am in the planning stages of starting my own venture and starting a Virtual Airline. I am hopping to do "Air New Zealand - Virtual" and am waiting for reply to my requests from Air New Zealand.

Currently I have one fellow Flight Simulator and aviation enthusiasts working with me by my side. He is Norco Uchal and he and I are very good friend and have been for a very long time! Enough about me, I am here to basically promote this future virtual airline to FSNordic users.

I ask that some of you consider helping out. All I ask is for the following mandatory but simple requirements:

*You must have Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004 -  NO EARLIER VERSIONS PLEASE.

*You must have at least one skill that you can lend to the VA. (Whether it be painting, advertising, etc. - A PAINTER IS NEEDED!!!)

*You must be able to dedicate at least five to ten hours a week to flying and the virtual airline (Vacations and any kind of other real life thing that may get in the way is totally OK, just let me know. After all its REAL LIFE FIRST and Virtual second!).

Might be something I forgot, but we're all human.

Please if you would like to contribute to the creation and "FLIGHT" of this virtual airline send the following information to the bellow email address:


*Virtual Airline and Microsoft Flight Simulator experience (If possible please provide proof of it.)

*A skill that you can offer to the future virtual airline

And thatís about it so send the emails to the below address:






As this VA seems to be still in planning phase why there would be any reason to make websites? I'm quite sure they will make ones as every needed member of the crew has been found.

In my opinion this is the best way. You need to look first can that you get everything to form a VA and just after that do evreything less important. There is no sense that people make first websites and get then few pilots and decide that I can't manage this VA and decide to end the story of the VA.

I hope everything best for "Air New Zealand - Virtual".  Have you already received permission from real Air New Zealand that you can use their name and logos?


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