The bluders in the modern physics



I found a site which verifies that modern physics is a total pseudoscience.
Please see this site at address.

that website is a load of jargon to someone that doesn't understand complex physics and words like that 

I only understand the basics such as how an aircraft flies and the forces which is acted upon each wing during flight, but thats about it.

can anyone shed light on this very complex website listed above?


a very confused and scared Gareth


if this text would be a reasonably sound and well-thought scientific article, worthy of publishing, it would definitely be in BETTER ENGLISH.

Iīve read some academic university level textbooks on economics and medicine, for instance, so I have some idea about what an article of acceptable scientific worth would look like. This is DEFINITELY not worth a second look.

The English is terrible, to start with. If it would be a scientific breaktrough, it would be correctly translated, laid out and understandable to a critical reader.

Donīt lose any sleep because of this crap. The person who wrote it might be a genius of some sort, but is in serious need of a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

Looked up the name on the web, too. Nothing to shout about there either. The name of an acknowledged scientist would pop up in a nanosecond.

allong with that I have seen clearer mud than that site


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