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I am trying to upgrade all my Scandinavian FS9 scenery and have a nice setup now - but there are some problems in Norway!  Don't know if anyone can help??

I have installed the following software:   1. "Norway Quality Mesh" from Norway Elements  2. Torgeir Opland's 'Norway Scenic'  3. Oslo ENGM airport scenery, from AVSIM  4. Norway airports -  5. Norway Cities -

They are arranged in my scenery library like this:

The problem I am trying to sort out at the moment is with the airport at Bergen, which looks like this:

The problem seems to be with the 'Norway Scenic' installation. I am fairly used to installing scenery and moving default bgl files and have double checked that I have followed the instructions. I have tried moving the order of the various entries in the file library - no help. If I remove two files from the Norway Scenery setup, LL_950090_lwm.bgl &  VV_950090_vtp.bgl, the problem is solved - except that all my coastlines in the area then become rectangular:  reinstating the default bgls from the Eurw folder, removed according to the instructions in the Norway Scenic ReadMe file, brings the coastlines back OK, but the landclass/waterclass/elevation problem shown in the screenshot comes back again.

Anyone any ideas here? I could post more information, but I'd best wait to see if there are any 'bites' on this thread forst!

Many thanks,


I think the airports should be over the Norway mesh and scenic sceneries, you have them below.

I'm afraid it hardly seems to matter which order I place the sceneries, I get the same effect, with water bunched up in blocks at a number of coastal airports - Satvanger looks much the same, for instance. I tried putting the airport sceneries above the mesh and other Norway folders, as you suggest, but I still get the same end result as in the screenshot.

I could spend time making flatten lines in the scenery.cfg file, but that's going to be hours of work to get rid of all the anomalies; and that won't solve the other odd effects I get of course.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway!


I saw you asked this also in AVSIM and that the airport in question is Trondheim, not Bergen.

The problem is default flatten, you can not easily modify it. Addon mesh sceneries do not shape the default flatten areas so this is the reason you sometimes get lakes that look like 'tables' or lakes that are buried deep in to the ground.

Every default airport has a flatten around it. It can be removed, but there are several flattens in one bgl so when you remove the one Trondheim is in, you'll most likely get problems elsewhere. It can actually be that you'll still get problems in Trondheim too due the mesh that is not flat at the airport.

Hi again. Yes, I posted this to AVSIM too - some replies there, along the line of yours. As I said there, I can minimize the errors by choosing to disable a couple of files and re-enable some default ones taken out when installing Norway_Scenic, but unless I start changing waterclass to landclass I am going to have to live with what's left.

Thanks for the replies!



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