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Winter in Greece is almost over, and we are already moving
towards a beautiful spring.
The temperature begins to rise, the tourist season begins in a few weeks
and thousands of people will fly here for their vacation.
As expected, the Greek Division of IVAO gives you a warm welcome with
another great Event:

Corfu Island, called “Kerkyra” by Greek people, is one of the most known
and popular tourist destinations of Greece.
Neatly placed at the north-west edge of Greece, surrounded by the
amazing Ionian Sea, offers to its visitors a wide variety
of clean seashores, great monuments and a spectacular landscape.

Corfu is also famous for the unique celebration of the Orthodox Easter.
One of its best attractions during this period
is Botides (pronounced: bo-tee-des), with people throwing big
ceramic pots from the balconies of the houses
surrounding the central square in the city of Kerkyra. The whole event
is followed by local philharmonic orchestras marching
through the streets in parade formations, creating an unforgettable

Some samples of Botides

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Bring your wings to Corfu and enjoy the spirit of this
very unique attraction!

Expect a fully staffed Corfu airport (LGKR) and Greek FIR.

Charts can be found easy using google search like the example:

LGKR scenery:
Mega Kerkyra
Mega Kerkyra Update 2009

This scenery is one of the best creations of Greek Airports
Project team.
Fully supported by Aerosoft AES.

Every member that will fly to or from LGKR during this event
will be awarded with:

Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award


Servus Piloten,
Hello Pilots,
on 03/27/10, Austrian will resume its whole CRJ200 & Q300 fleet from service.
From that day, Austrian will continue regional& feeder flights only with it´s Q400 aircraft.
The Event takes place, to show all the CRJ200/Q300 operated routes,
in order to keep these in such a way in beautiful memory.
All served rotations will find between 1900 - 1930 z in Vienna their final exit.
Our booking system:
Farewell Event | Booking System
We may ask you to use only A/C indicated in the bookkeeping system (or at least the MTL).
Our Air Traffic Cotroller are available between 1600 - 2000 z nonstop for you.
… we look forward to welcome you on " Farwell Austrian CRJ200" Event.

Good day,

TMA Algiers Real Operations Event main idea is simulation of real
traffic as operated on Algiers TMA mainly focused on the important HUB
Algiers Houari

Boumedienne airport DAAG,on a specific time-frame and a selected day,as
operated in real,in other way it's a Real Flight Event.

Date of the event:
Saturday 27th March 2010

Time frame:

You'll find all necessary informations on the event website here:

You can book your flights here: http://ropalger.site11.com/planning.php

Event video(Thanks to Djam):


Welcome to Algeria




Dear pilots,
Budapest Ferihegy Airport will celebrate his 60th birthday on 8th of May. For this occasion IVAO Hungary with the cooperation of the Budapest Airport Zrt. are organizing a 24 hours real flight event. A computer room was offered by the airport where we will arrange the ATC room. Live ATC from the airport!
What we offer is:
- More than 200 real flights
- full ATC Services in Hungary
From May 8th 10:00UTC till May 9th 10:00UTC
>>>Flight booking is here (on the right side)<<<

Small airports will be also opened during the event.
All participants who make at least 2 flight of minimum 60 minutes will be awarded with the Aviation Celebration Award.
More information on the event site.

Charts and sceneries for the Hungarian airports:
Aerosoft Budapest 2007(payware)
1.5 update for Aerosoft FS9 LHBP
LHBP light version (freeware)
Great freeware scenery for LHSM and LHPP
More scenery on the IVAO-HU site.
Every pilot is more than welcome, see you in the skies and at the airport!
Kind Regards:
IVAO Hungary

Good Day, Pilots....


We are from Indonesia Division proudly presents Exploring Celebes 2010 Event on 17th July 2010 at 14 UTC - Till drop. We invite you to fly together to Sulawesi, one of the biggest islands in Indonesia.
This time, you will fly to 2 major airports in Sulawesi which are Sultan Hasanuddin airport of Ujung Pandang (WAAA) located in South Sulawesi, and Ratulangi airport of Manado (WAMM) located in North Sulawesi.
Pilots are free to fly to one of those airports from any airport. Once landed, pilots have to refuel and prepare immediately (not more than 30 minutes) for another flight to the next airport. You will be served by the best ATCs from Indonesia during your flight. We hope you enjoy this event and waiting for your jet blast on 17th July. Have a wonderful flying experience in Sulawesi, Captain.
Route Illustration :   WADD (pilot’s choice) -WAAA-WAMM
                      WARR (pilot’s choice) –WAMM-WAAA
For more Information, can be found here : Exploring Celebes Event 2010
A few words about Sulawesi:


Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes) is one of the four larger Islands of Indonesia and is situated between Borneo and the Maluku Islands.
Sulawesi is part of Wallacea, meaning that it has a mix of both Asian and Australasian species. There are 8 national parks on the island, of which 4 are mostly marine, including Bunaken National Park in Manado, North Sulawesi which protects a rich coral ecosystem has been proposed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Bunaken National Park was formally established in 1991 and is among the first of Indonesia's marine parks. Most of the reefs of the Bunaken National Marine Park are rich and unspoilt, with pristine and abundant soft coral and fish life in huge concentration. The night diving in the park is spectacular, rare creatures are round every corner, and there's a WWII wreck in day range.
Diving in and around Bunaken is mostly wall diving and drift diving, but also includes several beautiful coral slopes. There are 22 official dive sites within the park. With visibility around 25m and water temperature 26-30 C, this is a world-favourite destination for underwater photographers and naturalists alike.
So Pilots, what are you waiting for? Start your engine for this coming event and prepare your camera to shoot the beauty of Sulawesi Island.

For enquiries, Please contact Event Coordinator Staff : id-ec@ivao.aero / id-hq@ivao.aero
IVAO Indonesia Team
Best regard, Adhuh Dhuha ID-EC


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