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Espanjan munoloilla olisi ollut tänään Madrid RLE. Harmi vaan että myöhäsin näin myöhään kaikki (!!) lähes 200 lentoa on bookattu... 

Joo saman hokasin.. Itse en uskaltanut bookata kun en aikatauluistani tiennyt. Mutta nyt vaikuttaa siltä, että kerkeäisin illalla lentää tonne Cargo-lennon jostain päin. Mielenkiintoinen pointti tuolla on se, että antoivat kovat ukaasit, että mikäli henkilöllä ei ole karttoja ja/tai lentämisen taito puuttuu niin ohjaavat suoraan ilman mutinoita varakentälle


Russian division is proud to invite you to annual event Nothern Star which will take place on 31.05.08  16.00 zulu time and dedicated to the 305 anniversary celebration of foundation of St.Petersburg.
St.Petersburg, a host-city of this event and one of the most beautiful and wonderful city of the world, will open its air-gates to all pilots participating in this event. Full ATC coverage in Petersburg and neightbouring FIRs will be provided by friendly controllers.
You are free to chose you route to or from Pulkovo airport. Celebration awards will be granted to all participants. 
More information on  http://star.ivaorussia.ru/maineng.html

You are wellcome!


Hi Members, we have the pleasure to announce
Swiss Triangular Event
3 June 2008
From 18:00utc till 22:00utc

The Swiss and Belgian Division invite you to fly between Genève (LSGG), Brussels (EBBR)
 and Zürich (LSZH).  Time to refresh you flying skills between the mountains. 
As always, you can expect high quality ATC !
More info is available on the events-pages.
See you soon !
This Event will count in the Swiss Pilot Event Award.
Conditions :
- Make a hope in every airport (LSGG-EBBR-LSZh)
- Make the three flights in the Time of the event (18-22z) Total time for the flights should be around 2.30-3hours.
- Make three different reports for these legs (you will only get one point but it helps us for validating issues)
report Here


The United Kingdom and American divisions of IVAO are proud to present another long awaited, collaborative event from London Gatwick (EGKK) to Boston (KBOS). Join us on the 22nd June for a hop across the pond with full ATC coverage from start to finish!
The departure window from Gatwick is 0900z (10am local) to 1030z (11:30am local) pilots can expect full ATC at Gatwick during this period. With an approximate flight time to Boston on 7hrs, you can expect to arrive around 1730z at the latest.
For further details, please visit the Event Webpage
Grab a real life flight plan that will be used by pilots on the same day, and enjoy flying as real as it gets!
Whether you are ATC, or a pilot, this event is not to be missed!
Best Regards,
Tom Perry GB-EC
Ross McLennan GB-EAC
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Dear Pilots
The Bahrain, Swiss, Turkish and United Arab Emirates divisions have the pleasure to invite you to the
“Summer Charter”
27th - 30th June 2008
From 18z

Leg 1 - Zurich to Ankara
Date of Flight : Friday 27th or Saturday 28th
Zurich (LSZH)
Scenery: www.freez.aero Charts: Eurocontrol here Free Registration requried
Ankara (LTAC)
Scenery: http://www.sanalpilot.com/downloads/ltac2006.zip Charts: http://www.ivaotr.org/charts/LTAC_Esenboga.zip
Leg 2 - Ankara to Bahrain
Date of Flight : Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th
Ankara (LTAC)
Scenery: http://www.sanalpilot.com/downloads/ltac2006.zipCharts: http://www.ivaotr.org/charts/LTAC_Esenboga.zip
Bahrain (OBBI)
Scenery: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=88469&CatID=fs2004scenCharts: http://www.ivao-bh.org/chart/OBBI.pdf
Leg 3 : Bahrain to Dubai
Date of Flight : Sunday 29th or Monday 30th
Bahrain (OBBI)
Scenery: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=88469&CatID=fs2004scen Charts: http://www.ivao-bh.org/chart/OBBI.pdf
Dubai (OMDB)
Scenery: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=36346&CatID=fs2004scen Charts: http://www.emirates-va.net/ivao-ae/emirates_fir/charts/OMDB.rar
Route : BAH A791 LOTIT A791 DESDI
Other Information
All Flight Levels shall be OddPlease have your charts on board for all the legs
[Pilots performing the 3 legs will receive the Aviation and Celebration award from the Bahrain DivisionPilots performing the 3 legs will receive 2 points for the Swiss Pilot Event AwardPilots performing 1 leg will receive 1 point in the Swiss Pilot Event Award
All Leg Reports for the Swiss and Bahrain awards, shall be reported in the Swiss Division Moda system only at the following link: here (Please log-in and select the Swiss division and then Pilot Event Award 2008)


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