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Hi All

How are you?

Just wandering what the chances of VATSIM members having their own forum like IVAO Finland and Sweeden have respective of their home nations?

Is this possible or another one of my silly ideas?

I just think it would be good for VATSIM members to discuss VATSIM things in their own forums than in General Discussion, for example.

What does everyone think and do you like my idea?



Hey Gareth;

VATSIM has its own servers for each VACC or Area/Region, each country is responsible for creating and maintaing their own forum, which 90% of all ACC's on the network do, you will have to find the ACC's website and it will be located their, that will be the official forum.

Depending on how much of an interest their is here, which at the moment is not alot, maybe an English Online Flying board could be created if enough interest was shown here? Maybe...

Martin Loxbo:
As I understand it, the IVAO divisions (at least the Swedish one) use FS Nordic more or less as an official forum and the primary communications channel for the division and its members. (Why the IVAO divisions feel a need to do it this way, ask them. )

VATSIM on the other hand has efficient forums elsewhere, on the VACC websites (such as the Scandinavian VACC at as well as world-wide forums on the main VATSIM website (at

In the Swedish language section of the forums here, there is an online flying forum, which is intended for general topics regarding online flying (such as ATC/comms procedures or which network to choose...). As Joseph said, maybe there is a point in creating an English language equivalent, but then again there are lots of English language VATSIM forums elsewhere.

ahhh ok thanks both. I was thinking more along the lines of it being like aq general discussion of VATSIM buti do like the idea of an English Flying Board does sound good as then you can ask the questions like comms/procedures in there and what to do in emergencies etc.

Shall I start a poll on this?

so what sort of topics does the sweedish one contain?

all the usual like ATC Comms, procedures IFR flying, VFR flying etc?


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