SAS MD-80 "lost engine while on air" ?


A Scandinavian MD-80 is reported to have lost (?) an engine while in flight above Holland. The passengers have reported that they actually saw the engine falling apart while on air. The Pilot landed succesfully the airplain on Schiphol and all of the passengers are alive and safe.

That is what a newspaper wrote here in Sweden
Those reporters dont know what there are talking about. how can an engine just be ripped off by it self at the middle of the flight?

The most logical explaination is ofcourse that the captain shut down the engine as the procedures book says when the engine is not running normal. Or maybe the engine really fell off... today the engine,tommorrow the wings then everybody is gonna have a personal parasuite for flights like this ... who knows?

but if passengers reported seeing the engine just 'break-up', then this woud have affected the aerodynamics of the aircraft causing it to go into an uncontrolable spiral with death of all on board.

So like you said, they prob just saw it being shut down.

i like the idea of parachutes


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