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I am working with the tutorial flight in order to understand how to use the panel correctly. I have encountered a few areas in the instructions that don't quite match up or do what the instructions indicate the particular feature does. Below is the list of items in the panel instructions, and what I have found to be the case with the feature. Is there something that I am missing that is causing the feature to not work properly?

1. When loading the flight plan, a question is displayed as to whether or not I want to move the aircraft to the location specified. The first time, I clicked yes and ended up on runway 33. The second time, I selected no, and remained at the gate, but the only runways available are 33R or 33L. I am not familiar with the airport, so I don't know how to get from the gate to rwy 15. Even if I did get to rwy 15, I would be reporting to the tower that I am ready for take off on rwy 15 when in fact I am supposed to go to rwy 33.

2.  I cannot change the default fuel settings to the amounts indicated in the instructions. If I change the fuel to the amounts shown in the instructions, I receive a warning message indicating that I am over the maximum weight.

3. There are only two runways available for use (33R and 33L). I am setting up the navigation based on leaving from rwy 15. What are the navigation settings that I should use for 33L or 33R since those are the only two available.

4. The pushback control panel does not work as indicated in the instructions. The distance and heading knobs do not move. When placing the mouse over these knobs, I only get a "hand icon" and there is no + or - click area. If I click the distance knob, the aircraft starts moving backwards, even with the brakes on! The call button is greyed out and cannot be selected. I can overcome the issues mentioned in item 4 simply by using the FS 2004 default pushback commands (shift+p followed by 1 or 2 depending on what direction I want to go).

5. When adjusting the flaps for takeoff, there is no number displayed in the flaps box after movement. The only thing in the flaps box is --. Can I assume that pressing the flaps button on my joystick is equivalent to 9 degress?

Can anyone help me out in regards to the listed issues?


1. What airport are you at? Also, if you have runways 33 available, by definition you have runways 15 (the reciprocal of 33 -> 33 - 18 = 15) available. If you require tower approval, either request runway 15 or change the wind settings so the favored runway is 15.

2. If you are not using the Project ERJ airplane, your fuel settings (and mileage) may vary.

3. See #1 above.

4. The newest versions (v. 4.x) have a different pushback, using the default FS9 pushback and not the gauge provided in the first version. The docs for the newest versions mention this. Just push the button with the big arrow to activate. If you then want the airplane turned in the pushback, push either the '1' or the '2' key.

5.  The newest versions of the panel should display any flap setting that the aircraft.cfg has set, with the "---" only displayed during travel. Also, there is a suggested list of flap settings in the documentation. If you use Charles Fox's version, his flap settings should be correct. Check your version of the panel to make sure you have the latest.



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