Low cost airliners and maintenance!


HI guys...
Lately I've been traveling a lot between Stockholm and Budapest with Wizzair and Sterling.
As we know wizzair and sterling are among europe's cheapest airlines where you can book a flightchair for a fee as low as 5 (With taxes and etc goes up to 25 minimum).

Well here comes my question. If an airline sells their tickets with a minimum profit of 5 (we all know that taxes go directly to airport parking fee's and etc) how can they manage the aircraft's afterflight maintenance costs? What about the fuel that the aircraft consumes? After all the aircraft, due to safety regulations, must perform the landing sequence with a minimum amount of fuel in case a go-around must be performed.

Now you can tell me that the quantity of the tickets with such price is limited to a few and the company can cover the costs from other flights profit but how does this really works?
Thank you for your time


Low cost airline business is very complicated and I don't think anyone can explain it to you here. I read a book about Ryanair and there are some things that probably help you to understand the whole thing. As you say, it is not the ticket price that tells the truth, these airlines save the money elsewhere and in the end make profit.

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