Strange planes at Sydney Airport, NSW


hi all, was looking over Sydney airport and saw these strange planes there:

What do you  think has happened here?

Is it just 2 images overlaying one-an-other?



Fixed Link to Image

Yes, two images overlaying each other. No worries, Qantas and Virgin Blue fly normally as usual. 

The link you set to the image... am I suppose to see the same image when I follow the link? If so, that does not work.

no it just takes you to the main file library site.

If you want the like to the actual photo let me know and I will post it

Thanks Tatu! I know now that i can trust these opperators when i fly inside Australia when i visit


Here as an internet version from Google Maps,151.177449&spn=0.002105,0.005364

For some reason the images of fast moving things (eg aircraft) always seem to have a ghost image with them. The camera must be taking two pictures and then overlaying them... My guess is that one is monochrome and very fast (contrast?) while the other is in colour and has a slightly longer exposure (hence the blur). These images are then combined and for most things they align correctly...



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