Hyvää Iltaa Finland! - Flying the Finnairbus

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Hello, moi, hej...

I'm very sorry for not being around lately, but I had pretty much to do with school (exams, essays, projects, etc.), but now I have a bit more time, so I was able to translate another flight report.

The route came spontaneously to my mind: I haven't visited Zurich for a long time, and I really like the approach to Helsinki
For your information: I flew online on IVAO, so don't wonder about the missing AI-Traffic

Anyway, enjoy !


In Zurich's briefing room I met my F/O Jonas, with whom I'm going to fly to Helsinki.
Firstly we had to go through the flight info's:


Airline: Finnair
Flight-#: 862
Aircraft: Airbus A319-100
Registration: OH-LVG
Dep: Zurich Kloten (LSZH)
Dest: Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK)
STD: 17:15z (19:15 local)
ATD: 17:15z (19:15 local)
ETE: 02:45h
ATE: 02:55h
STA: 20:00z (23:00 local)
ATA: 20:10z (23:10 local)



Dep.Rwy: 28
STAR/Transition: KENON3C
Arr.Rwy: 15


LSZH 221850Z 16004KT 9999 SCT060 BKN080 14/11 Q1011 TEMPO RA

Zurich, recorded on the 22. at 18:50z, wind from 160 with 4 knots, visibility more than 20km, clouds at 6000, broken at 8000, temperature: 14°C, dew point: 11°C, QNH 1011 Millibar, temporary rain

Not bad, we can expect tailwind

EFHK 221850Z 19015KT 9000 -SHRA BKN011 12/10 Q0988 NOSIG

Helsinki Vantaa, recorded on the 22 at 18:50z, wind from 190 with 15 knots, visibility: 9km, light rain, broken at 1100, temperature: 12°C, dew point: 10°C, QNH 0998 Millibar, no significant changes expected

Fuel & Weights:

Fuel: 13297 liter
ZFW: ~48600kg
Passengers: 88

Der Flug:

At 18:20 Jonas and I made our way to the plane to meet the rest of the crew. While Jonas prepared the flight deck, I went outside to do the outside check

Back in the flight deck, I started programming the MCDU:

After the MCDU has been fed with data and all passengers have been seated, we contacted Zurich ground for our IFR-Clearance

P: Zurich Ground, guten abig, Finnair 862, information juliet, gate A57 for start-up
_GND: Finnair 862, guten Abend, you are cleared to Vantaa via the DEGES1W flight planned route, initially 5000, squawk 6703
P: Cleared to Vantaa via the DEGES1W flight planned route, initial climb is 5000 and 6703 in the box, Finnair 862
_GND: Finnair 862, readback was correct, you are cleared for start-up and pushback
P: We're cleared for start and push, Finnair 862

During pushback the passengers already receive some safety information as our way to the active isn't very long.

Pushback is completed, we are ready for taxi:

P: Ground, Finnair 862 is ready for taxi
_GND: Finnair 862, taxi via A to holding point runway 28 on QNH 1010
P: QNH1010 and via A to h/p runway 28, Finnair 862

At the holding point of runway 28 we contacted Zurich tower and promptly received our takeoff clearance

From the perspective of the air traffic controller

Our Airbus A319 gained speed - when reaching VR, I slightly pulled the stick, and the nose of our plane rose, heading for the Swiss evening sky.

Wir following the DEGES1W SID, which makes us overfly the airport:

We're already with Zurich departure and climbing to FL200, while passing FL120.

We have to contact Langen radar who gives us instructions to climb to our final flight level.

After overflying Bremen and Kopenhagen radar, we have reached the baltic sea.

Stockholm control sends us to Tampere radar, where we already begin with our descend

The approach ref page has been filled out and we're cleared for the KENON3C STAR

Runway 15 is in sight - not long until we touch finnish soil

We're at 2000 feet and we'll turn into base now...

P: Vantaa Tower, iltaa, Finnair 862 is established on the ILS runway 15
_TWR: Finnair 862, wind is 180 with 6, runway 15 is cleared to land
P: Cleared to land runway 15, kiitos

We're nearly there

Just before touchdown we get hit by a gust of wind, which prevents us from a centerline landing

Everything from the view of a passenger

Gate 25 for us...

The nice tower in the background

We have arrived - on blocks gate 25 with 10 minutes delay

Used add-ons:

- iFDG A319-100 with Finnair repaint (F)
- PSS A320 Panel with modifications by Edward Cox (P/F)
- Zurich by FlyLogic (P)
- Helsinki Vantaa by FSID (F)
- IvAp and IvAc by IVAO (F)
- SimCharts 3.0 by Jeppesen (P)
- Photoshop CS (P)

Thanks for looking, and sorry again for the delay in posting this report

Nice shots .


Fantastic!!! Fantastic Shots With Maps And FMC's!!! Great Explanation! Well Done!!

Keep Them Coming!!

Philip Holm:
Very nice shots 

Great shots!


Very nice shots! Runway 15/30 is not available for take-off and landing in Helsinki (apron construction or something), but who cares? 

Lets hunt down that ATC who gave him rwy15


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