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This message contains some extra rules and information regarding this particular board. You can read the complete rules of the forum from the Rules page.


Online Flying forum at is created to be a general discussion forum for all online flying related issues. You can post your questions about networks (like Vatsim or Ivao) here, announce upcoming events and talk about other related topics.

Message titles

Remember to use a clear title when starting a new topic. A good title should describe the contents of the message / topic, as it's the main factor for other users to open the topic in question. Do not write titles in all capital letters.

Some good titles:
"New Fokker 50 -panel"
"FS2004 AI traffic missing"
Bad titles:

If you have any further questions, please contact us via forum's private message or via e-mail (forum(at)

Also to add to Sami's post you can also post questions about procedures, rules and regulations, ATC etc.

Over the next few days I will try and put together a guide in a locked topic which should answer some general question and answers.

Any questions then let me know



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