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I thought i would post this here as this is turning out to be one of the biggest things at the moment to be sweeping the Internet, a true and heart-breaking story is catching the hearts of millions of online users, so i thought i would let you guys take a look for yourselves....this is a VERY sad story.

A 17 year old girl was murdered outside a McDonalds restaurant in Vancouver, USA a few months back, but her death not only shocked a community, and not only a nation, her death has shocked the online world. This girls death is sweeping through online community sites mainly MySpace with home to 60 million users, this girl is now known worldwide and her death is still shocking members of the online community as she becomes ever more famous in one of the most remarkable ways.

The above is a link to my personal blog which has details of this girls death, and tribute videos created by her friends which are indeed very sad.

You can also take a look at her own myspace which has been left untouched as she created it before her death;

This girls death is extremly tragic, and is taking the online world by storm. Simply mention the words...McDonalds Girls Death to members of an online community and 90% will know what you are referring to, this at the moment is an absoloutly massive subject online and i urge you to take just a few minutes to read and watch the videos, as this truly makes you appreciate what you have!

you all should really take a look at this.

This made me cry for hours and even though I never met this girl she has touched my heart along with millions of other people all over the world. I feel like I have known her for years.

It has also taught millions of people to live and value not only your life but those of your family, friends and evryone you know around you to the full as you never know when it will all be over forever. Perminately.

Please look and then you will understand what I mean


Wikipedia]David Barton Sullivan, who had previously been convicted twice of sex crimes, left his home on the day of the murder with the single intention of "hurting a female", and according to police, did not know Anna Svidersky.[3] He entered the Andresen Road McDonald's, where she was working the 29 pm shift, at around 8 pm and stabbed her with a kitchen knife.[4] The knife penetrated her side and reached her heart. She remained conscious and one of her fellow workers reported her last words as "Tell my family that I love them. Tell Christina that everything will be all right." She died that night in Portland's Legacy Emanuel Hospital.[1] She was six days short of her 18th birthday, and would have graduated from Fort Vancouver High School in June.[5]

JUst read about this This is so sad  May she Rest In Peace

  What a lovly girl, it`s so sad to see this. It felt like I had known her for years


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