Only ten degree changes on HDG/CRS selector



Thanks for a very nice panel. I used it a couple of years ago with no problems, but after recently installing it in FS2004 I have had some problems with the HDG and CRS selector knobs. Even though I click with the left mouse button I only get changes with ten degrees (as opposed to the right mouse button, which should give ten degree changes). I would like to change the HDG and CRS with only one degree, however this does not seem to be possible. Is there something I am missing?

Best Regards,
Tomas Johansson


This is answered in the FAQ topic at the top of this forum:

The heading bug and the course needle move in increments of 10 instead of one.
Check the "Fix control acceleration" option on the "Technical" tab of FSUIPC to keep this from happening. (NOTE: The latest version of the panel corrects this).

Make sure you have the latest version of the panel. One version can be found here, a slightly later version is in Charles Fox's file containing FDE's.


Thanks for your answer. I searched the forum for the answer first and I did  look through the FAQ post, but obviously not carefully enough. Sorry for bothering you with this question. 

Anyway, it will be much easier to fly ILS's now when one degree increment is possible.. 


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