Eastern Virtual Celebrates 8th Anniversary


Est.1998       www.evair.com
Eastern Virtual Airlines is                         
Celebrating eight years of service to the online flight simulator community!

Eastern Virtual first took to the air in 1998, and 8 years down the line in 2006 we are going from strength to strength continuing to improve our service, and move with the times to adapt and modernize.


While paying homage to one of the greatest airlines to grace the real world skies, Eastern Virtual are always taking the idea forwards, expanding the routes, opening new hubs and updating the fleet. In preparation for the anniversary a new livery was created, giving Eastern Virtual a new modern image, ready to carry the torch. The new livery was unveiled last month to much acclaim from Easterns peers.
"Our Employees both in the office and in the cockpit have made Eastern Virtual key players in the highly competitive virtual airline market," said George Lehning, Eastern Victuals President.  "We are pleased to bring our great service to our members year after year."

In the eight years we have been operating, our management staff have expanded and transformed the VA into it’s present form, with over 300 pilots on our rosters and more joining daily. Our pilots ensure our forums are active, informative and humorous. We have real world pilots who are more than happy to answer any questions asked of them, alongside Flight Simulator veterans. At Eastern Virtual help is only a mouse click away!

Eastern Virtual is currently operating from 11 hubs across North America and Europe to destinations all over the globe. With Eastern Virtual you can visit not only the busy international airports, but the small quiet regional fields – some you may never have heard of!
Our fleet comprises of classic aircraft such as the DC-3A, Lockheed L-1049G, Boeing 727 to the modern glass cockpit aircraft such as the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A340, and of course the evergreen 737 and 747.

To further enhance the experience for our pilots we also support FS Passenger flight data uploads so you can share your flights with the other Eastern pilots, and show them all how well you treated the folk who paid for a ticket!

So if you are a pilot looking for an established, professional yet modern virtual airline to fly for, pay us a visit and have a look around our website. Eastern airlines are currently accepting pilots, which could be just the first step in a long, enjoyable stay with us. Many of our senior staff have worked their way up the ranks.

So as we celebrate our 8th year, come fly with us.

Eastern Virtual Airlines – the only way to fly!   www.evair.com

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